The 30 Day Challenge Program


The 30 Day is for:

Beginners, First Timers, Returning Back to Fitness Slayers.

If you've never exercised before, or very little or a long time ago; then you are in the right place.

If you want to start in the right way, so it will last and you will not give up or give in; again, in the right place.

Watch the video. It's good stuff.

What You Will Get!

Train Like A Viking:

  • 10 Minute Workouts every day.
  • All videos are full video with Svava doing the whole slaying with you.
  • Workouts can be done anywhere
  • Only equipments you need are any type of two weights; water bottles, dumbbells, whatever you have and a mat or a towel.

Eat Like A Viking:

  • Full nutrition plan.
  • All recipes are split into breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Every recipe comes with a picture, full ingredients list & full instructions.
  • All of the recipes are simple and easy to make, no ingredients that are not in your local store.
  • And they are yummy!

Think Like A Viking:

  • You will have access to the 30 Day Challenge Think Like A Viking video library.
  • Mental health needs to be trained just like physical health. Being mentally fit is a huge part of The Viking Method.
  • Tools that will better your self and your life in every way and on every level. 

Live Like A Viking:

  • Your access never expires.
  • Weekly emails from Svava, with powerful Viking Mantras, knowledge and motivation to keep you on track.   
  • Any concerns, questions, ANYTHING you want to talk to Svava about at anytime during the program, she will be there for you. 

Viking Mantra:

You Cannot Change One Moment Of Your Past.
But You Can Change The Whole Of Your Future.

You Got This.

Some press about the Clan!

Firstly, three things that international law states:
Yes you have the right to self defence as a country against another country.
No you do not have the right to self defence, if you are the occupier, against the ones that you are occupying.
But yes the ones that are being occupied, they do have the right to self defence. To resist against the occupation.
International law.

Secondly, to fight for your existence is the most fundamental human action.
As long as there’s a brutal, illegal, massacring occupation, there will always, always, be resistance.
The only way ever to end the resistance, is by ending the occupation.


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Truly. Ask your Self why.

#palestine #israel

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If you think the Palestinians are lying,
The press in Palestine are lying,
Jewish Voices for Peace are lying,
Doctors without borders are lying,
United Nations are lying,
Millions and millions of protestors globally are lying,
Human Rights Watch is lying,
Ireland is lying, Venezuela is lying, Colombia is lying, South Africa is lying, Chile is lying, Bolivia is lying, Turkey is lying,
Amnesty international is lying,
UNICEF is lying,
And all of what we are seeing live in Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem is a lie,
then it’s time to ask yourself some questions.


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When posting on my stories about the thousands and thousands of innocent Palestinians; men, women and children being collectively killed now in Gaza, not to mention the 75 years of brutal occupation, I have received many messages saying “but it’s not their country, UN gave them half of Israel land in 1947, when was it ever called Palestine before that? It wasn’t.”

That is what I have received. So here you go. History of the country Palestine. Since apparently you have to live in a geographical place long enough to earn the right of not being massacred in the most horrific way.

And I’m in massively hot water for saying that and being, with every fibre of me as a human, against the horror that’s happening live in front of the whole world to see.
Which to me is mad.

Five Thousand Children.

And we should never first need to know where they come from, or that we have to be told; try to see the children as your own children, or from your family or your group or your country or you religion, before we feel that there is no justification.

Because there never is a justification.

Five Thousand Children.

#ceasefire #freepalestine #gaza

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Here we go Vikings!
5 exercises in a row. 4 sets:
1. 30 sec each
2. 45 sec each
3. 45 sec
4. 45 sec
5. 30 sec

Safe it then Slay it.

#wegotthis #foryourself #vikingprograms #selflove

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This is why you should train.

Best reasons. Slaying Life.

#yougotthis #jointheclan #strength

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Some good things we often need to hear more than once:

You have to start having more authority and be more selective about what you decide to believe and take in about your self and what you look like.
You first. Not them.

#yougotyou #selflove #inaction

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Following my last talk, if you want to be fit and healthy, you have to do the things that make you fit and healthy. And I give you the perfect place to start, the Viking programs. Here you can see few exercises from each of the programs; The 30 Day Beginner and The 4 Week Weight Loss Program.

Doesn’t matter if you have exercised regularly before, or just every now and then, or never exercised before, all levels are covered in these programs.
And I always give modifications of the exercises as well.

The Viking programs will give you:
⚔️ Different full video length workouts with me slaying it with you
⚔️Meal plans
⚔️ Mindset talks and videos
⚔️ star chart, weekly talks and support

Let’s do this my Viking.
Time to take care of yourself.
In the only good way it works.

#wegotthis #love #jointheclan

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The “amazingness” of Ozempic as a weight loss drug.

#ozempic #no #jointheclan #wegotthis

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For you my Viking! ⚔️👌🏻

4 in a row. 4 rounds:

1. x12
2. x8
3. x12
4. x6

If in shoes, use tea towels under feet to glide.
Go for it.

#yougotthis #training #mentalhealth #selfcare

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It’s Menopause Awareness Month ⚔️❤️
so, @healthistamagazine and I are offering 15% off on their amazing holistic Menopause pack!

Incredible team that will take care of you completely; guide you, support you, bring you knowledge and strength and a massive -You Got This-vibe. Because you do.

Educational videos,
Bespoke workouts all created by yours truly ⚔️💪🏻,
audio meditations,
fantastic recipes
plus downloadable PDF’s.

Women for women. Every step of the way.

Whether you are peri-menopausal or already going through menopause, now is the time to join us!

Go to @healthistamagazine , click the link and add svavameno15 for your 15% off!

#wegotthistogether #menopause #power #selflove

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I LOVE this one!!!
2 rounds non-stop, breathe, then another two rounds.

You can also modify it out of a gym:
Skip 90 sec
Weight on floor vertical, squat jump over it x21
Full burpee x9


#yougotthis #testyourself #selflove

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Perfectionists, All ins, Will only do it when I can solemnly focus on it,
I give you the Best Mindset Shift.

#yougotthis #loveyourself #in

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If you want a simple KILLER 🔥👌🏻:

3 exercises in a row.
You do 8 of each (each leg), then 6, then 4, then finally 2.
Only rest you take, is when you really need it, and then get right back to it.
As heavy as you can my Viking. Clan!!!

#yougotthis #selflove #hard #feelsgreat

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It’s not about releasing fault, it’s about taking responsibility for your now behaviours. It’s about taking back your control.

You can change your behaviours.

And yes at the start you will have to do that with your old emotions of self doubt, low self worth, low self confidence, self loathing, shame. Whatever they are. X

But with that slowly changed behaviour towards yourself; taking care of yourself, taking care of your body, going after what you want, standing up for yourself, bringing it for yourself, I promise you your emotions will follow.

#selfmade #yougotthis

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Join in on this Slaying!!!
And if you cant do a full pistol, chair or a bench behind you, 1 leg sit downs. 👌🏻

#yougotthis #doitanyway

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This smallest version of me,

#wegotthis #true #selflove

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For all my Weekend Warriors! 🔥
Add this killer to your workout:
Every minute on the minute: 2 exercises, x8 of each. Quicker you are the more rest you get.
5 minutes.

#yougotthis #slay #selflove

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If you need steps to set yourself up for success, here they are.

#yougotthis #withactions #training

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This Slaying!!! ⚔️🔥
Bar or dumbbells.
X5 of each then 60 sec to rest. 8 rounds.

You Got This. Now, or later. Just start where you are and work up to 8 rounds.
That’s how you win. By giving it time. By starting and not stoping.

#foryou #viking

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My Viking!

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