Can I do the online programs from home?

Yes you can. Home, park, gym, you can do them anywhere.

What equipment will I need for the programs?

You just need weights and a mat/towel. Best to have dumbbells, but you can use bottles as well.

Does my membership expire?

No. It does not expire. Once you have purchased a program, is yours for life.

Are the recipes also for vegetarians?

There are veggie recipes, and veggie options for the other recipes.

Can I do the programs if I am injured?

I would then recommend to do a virtual P.T session first with Svava so she can assess you.

Will I be able to do the 30 Day Challenge if I am complete beginner?

Yes definitely! It is for beginners.

Are the recipes easy to make?

Very easy and all serve one, easier to multiply than to divide if cooking for more people.

What if I lose my password?

No prob! You click lost password and reset one will be sent to your email.

What if I miss a day in the program?

Then you return to the slaying the next day. Simple.

Any Other Questions:

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